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Coach Aujile

Coach Aujile


Your Mindset & Weight​ Loss Counselor​

After losing more than 100-lbs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle years later, Coach Aujile founded Eat Clean-ish.

She is deeply passionate about teaching busy professionals how to lose weight and keep it off through intentional movement, balanced nutrition, and mindset development.

What we offer...

Nutrition Guidance



Weight Loss Strategy

What clients are saying...

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While working with Aujile I was able to identify the root problem tied to my eating. I learned that my excessive eating was deeper than I had thought.


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Aujile came into my life as an answered prayer. I had the desire to lose weight but something was missing. The very thing I needed was provided and I’m still in awe. I feel empowered and unstoppable.


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Coach Aujile will help you reach your goals even when you feel like you are never going to get there. I’m not at my ultimate goal yet, but I feel like huge progress has been made and I am so excited.


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